Automatic registration works at this server. Enter login and password in client. If login isn’t occupied, then it will be created.

UO client – Full pack of all files for a game on the server.. Just unpack and load the file uoreg.exe. It is recommended to use this pack for setup client on our server.
To come, you need enter loginserver in Login.cfg from directory of your game. LoginServer=,2593

Kingdom PvP .mul – Updated map of the Kingdom PvP. This archive will comprise most the last the updates connected with files map0.mul, statics0.mul, staidx0.mul. We ask to watch news, concerning the updates connected with map

PvP verdata – Verdata for PVP players. Replaces all trees stumps. Walls and fields (Paralyze, Poison, Magic) — convenient platforms

Programs – The archive includes complete collection of necessary files for more convenient and simplified game. The archive is present: Injection, UOAssist, UOMAP, EASYUO, UOPilot, Big Display Tutorial, Screen Maker, Low CPU Tutorial.

UO Client FPS Patch – smoothes a game ( lift up FPS )

Hues.mul– last updated: 22.12.2017

Injection– last updated: 22.12.2017

OrionUO– last updated updated: 22.12.2017