The Kingdom means by administration as Ultima Online like PVP shard (player versus player). A game on our server implies your consent to conform to the stated below rules. Remember, rules ignorance or misunderstanding doesn’t exempt from liability.

I. General
1.1 The Kingdom server administration doesn’t bears responsibility for safety your account (if rules didn’t violates), and also account confidentiality of information.
1.2. Character passport is PIN code, which you enter in a game (.password). Only with his help you can return to change the lost/stolen password from account.
1.3 The administration declines all responsibility for safety of an account and game items in cases:
— transactions on purchase and sale, either exchange of game characters or items
— account information transfers or registration address to the third parties
— games from computer clubs and other public places which aren’t guaranteeing confidentiality of personal information
1.5. The administration has right to refuse recovery of game property or account in the cases, listed in point 1. 3.

II. Game process. In the course of the game on The Kingdom server it is forbidden:
2.1. Unfair farm PvP points, credits and others. For example, murder of false newbie-char, murder of naked char or use of any vulnerabilities of the client/server. Also, numerous murders one char by another, if “enemy” doesn’t show resistance.
2.2. Use game bugs (vulnerabilities), scripting or others. It is necessary report to administration through a forum, or other sources about all found bugs.

III. Software. In the course of the game on The Kingdom server it is forbidden:
3.1. To use the programs like Speed Hack, Gear and similar programs allowing to increase movement speed. Here use of the “resend” command or its analogs belongs.
3.2. Make any actions which aren’t provided by standard opportunities of the client or being his vulnerabilities by Injection, Assist etc.
3.3. Use non-standard game files (in particular, the modified tiledata.mul) for making actions which can’t be repeated on default client. Standard files read the files, provided by Administration for game on server and available to downloading in section “Files” on website.
Points violation 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 of these rules attracts punishment of several hours of prison to the reference to penal servitude.

IV. Communication in game. In the course of the game on the Kingdom server it is forbidden:
4.1. To use obscene language or to offend (including verbal macros, inscriptions in profile, title, etc.) other game players.
4.2. Use frequent flood (repetition of the same phrase with interval less than 60 seconds, or any symbols, which isn’t bearing semantic ).
4.3 To advertizes any game, information and other resources which aren’t connected with The Kingdom. Violation of points 4.1-4.4 of these rules attracts punishment of several hours “silence” to 24 hours of prison. Penal servitude is possible.
V. Interaction with server administration
5.1. It is forbidden to use obscene language in the presence server administration
5.2. The disrespectful attitude towards server personnel is forbidden.
5.3. It is forbidden to provide the false information and to make attempts of deception of personnel
5.4. It is forbidden to conduct any fighting in the presence of server personnel
Points violation 5.1-5.4 of these rules attracts punishment from days of prison to the reference penal servitude. In special cases — account block.

VI. GM Page
6.1. It is forbidden to use GM Page not for designated purpose. GM Page is intended for requests for assistance in the solution of game problems or consultation on game questions.
6.2. It is forbidden to use obscene language in GM pagemessages.
6.3. Flood on GM Page is forbidden.
6.4. The message has to be made translitas with use of latin alphabet letters. GM Page doesn’t support the text written on Cyrillics or others.
6.5. The message has to contain the short problem description. Requests of GM Page like “GM come please” will be reviewed in the last turn or to be removed without consideration.
6.6. At repeated departure of GM Page, the previous message automatically removed. Violation of points 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 of these rules attracts punishment of several hours of prison to the reference penal servitude.