Server Commands

Guild commands:
(all commands write without «»)
«.online« — guild members online with location
«-« — enter the text. For example: «- Hello»

Other commands:
.arm_mace — dress any mace type weapon
.arm_fence — dress any fence type weapon
.arm_sword — dress any sword type weapon
.arm_shield — dress any shield
.arm — dress shield + any weapon
.arm_bow — dress any range type weapon
.arm_weapon — dress weapon ( axe )
.drink_mana_total — drink mana potion
.drink_invis — drink invisible potion
.drink_refresh_total — drink refresh potion
.drink_cure — drink cure potion
.drink_heal_great — drink heal potion
.drink_blood — drink blood potion ( for Vampire )
.drink_rest — drink restore potion ( for Barbarian )
.drink_mm — drink MOM potion ( for Amazon )
.home — resurrect and teleports you to the city
.use_bandage — use bandages
.ability list — ability list
.ability info — ability information
.ability — check to abilities are available to your class
.password — change password/pin. Install password/pin
.cd_amulet – shown how many seconds left for use again

Check commands:
.check_gold xx — make check from gold
.check_ingot xx — make check from ingots
.check_rc xx — make check from real credits
.check_quest xx — make check from quest coins
.check_snow xx — make check from snow coins
.check_bones xx — make check from bones
.check_gold_ingot xx — make check from gold ingots
.check_scroll xx — make check from blank scrolls
Enter the quantity instead of хх is necessary