About server

You bothered to farm monsters to fight in PVP? You were tired to be nervous in case of items loss when you died? Then to you here. Welcome!

We represent you the Kingdom PVP server. You shouldn’t collect for weeks and months artecats any more, that at once to lose it. There are all necessary, after death, you can take from stones. A lot of races with the unique abilities and class items. Auto-tournaments each hour. Quests, combat abilities, imbue system, guilds with guild-abilities and extension. Also, for PVE fans, the set of artifacts, treasures, BOSSes. Also artifacts for victories on tournaments, occupation of the cities and arenas.
On this server you can train your PVP skill, fight with the best players from other countries. And that the most important, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of time on monster farm and to worry about the lost after death. It is PVP arena. Died? Ressurect, dress from stone and fight!
 Transfer from other shard works at the server. It is also possible to transfer the guild.